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Site absolutely teeming with in-car footage from circuits around the world. Great for learning a circuit layout or simply for some amazing footage. Highly recommended.

Jackal's Forge
Immaculatly presented site dedicated to cars and trackdays. Loads of in car video footage to download. Cracking stuff.

British Cars BBS
One of the best places to be on the internet! A lively message board made up of Lotus owners and enthusiasts.

Robert Collingridges excellent Elise site.

Lotus Cars
Lotus Cars UK's official web site.

Gives latest Lotus news, gossip, and a diary of runs & events in the south of England.

Andy Weighman's Titanium Elise
The most immaculate S1 in the UK. And one of the best colours too! Some great pictures of some nice mods, both cosmetic and perfomance. Well worth a visit, if only to make you feel like washing your car!

Chris Mabey's extremely useful site, with easy-to-follow instructions and clear photos to guide you through some of the most common Elise problems and mods.

Autostyle Solutions
Tigga Reese's site of 3rd party add-on's for the Lotus Elise. Mostly for the S2, but there are a few S1 bits and bobs.


Geary & Joy Powell's Elise parts shop. Excellent.

Elise FAQ
Dot and Fergus's Elise FAQ site - got a problem with your Elise? Find the answer here. Likewise, if you have a proven solution, you can submit it to the site by emailing the webmaster here.

Owen's well-respected site for tonnes of quality mods for the Elise.

1st Lotus Driving School
Andrew Walsh's highly commended driving tuition. There are a number of course and venues to choose from.

Mark Anderson's excellent S160 site.

Paul Golding's S160 site, including news & info on runs and events in the South-East of the UK.

Wolfgang Vogel's Elise Site
A great site, packed with information all about the Elise. Also a complete breakdown of all the Elise colours - S1 and S2!

A lively forum dedicated to the Lotus developed Vauxhall sports car.

Orchard Lotus
Lotus dealership with their very own forum.

D Pollard's Galleries
David owns a black S2, some nice photos from runs on his site!

Parts & accessories for Elise S1/S2/Exige at great prices...Elise-Shop offers worldwide shipping from the Netherlands.

Some hints, tips, and interesting project ideas from Yvo Tuk.

Recommended Groups & Clubs (back to top)

The largest global Lotus community on the internet today - membership to the forums is free, and there is the option to be a paid-up member in order to benefit from a wide range of discounts and offers.

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The Cotswolds' Lotus Owners Club. For owners in the Cotswolds area of the UK.

Lotus owner's group for the Midlands region.

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Owners group for the North-West region of the UK.

Stelvio or Bust
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Fancy going to Stelvio in your Elise? Apparently the ultimate Elise run! More information can be found at the Stelvio or Bust homepage.

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General Elise discussion from all over the world.


Elise Dealers & Servicing (back to top)

Lakeside Engineering
SJS Sportscars
Dick Lovett - Cheltenham
Williams Automobiles - Bristol


Car Insurance Companies (back to top)

Direct Line
Tesco Finance